Snapon-1/4" Drive Tools-TORX Plus chrome

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TORX Plus chrome

Torx  Bit Sockets 

TORX Plus®/chrome (1/4)
TORX Plus® fasteners may be found in almost all vehicles from the 1999 model year to present. Common applications include GM® transmissions bell housing bolts and Ford® seat belt anchors. T27IP size can be used to service Taurus® and Sable® front spring shields. Use of a standard TORX® driver on TORX Plus® fasteners may result in a rounded out fastener head or damaged driver

211EFTXTPY 11 pc Combination Drive TORX Plus® Bit Socket Set
• Includes 1/4 drive and 3/8 drive (11 pc) (8IP–55IP)
• Includes magnetic storage tray

# Stock No. A B
8IP TTX8TPE  1-9/16 TTX8TPE2
10IP TTX10TPE  1-9/16 TTX10TPE2
15IP TTX15TPE  1-9/16 TTX15TPE2
20IP TTX20TPE  1-9/16 TTX20TPE2
25IP TTX25TPE  1-9/16 TTX25TPE2