Snapon-1" 1-1/2" 2-1/2" Drive Tools-Shallow, Inches Socket (1")

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Shallow, Inches Socket (1")

Spline Sockets

• Snap-on® spline wrenching tools have been developed to service high tensile strength spline nuts and bolts widely used on both military and commercial aircraft. Precise, radial spline teeth engage the fastener teeth over a wider area to minimize stress, and allow application of high torque to reduce risk of damage to the fastener or to the tool. Chrome tools comply with Military Spec. MS-33787 and MIL-W-8982. The unique spline wrenching configuration can also be used on ordinary six- and 12-point fasteners with an advantage similar to the Snap-on Flank Drive® wrenching system.

# Inches Stock No A B C D E
#32 1 LES323B 1-29/64 1-55/64 1-35/64 2-7/16 53/64
#34 1-1/16 LES343B 1-17/32 1-27/32 1-3/8 2-17/32 7/8
#38 1-3/16 LES383B 1-11/16 1-31/32 1-5/8 2-25/32 1-5/32