Johnbean-Wheel Balancer-B9600

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Videographic wheel Balancer for tyre shop and service garages with Low to Medium Tyre service Volume

Key Features:

  1. 19" Videographicinterface.
  2. 2D space-distance/diameter.
  3. easyALU.
  4. hidden weight/split weight.
  5. Optimization.


  Parameters   b9600
  Accracy   3g
  Measuring speed   200rpm
  Measuring time   6-10s
  Rim width   (Dynamic) 1" - 16" (3" - 16")
  Maximum wheel width   500mm (400mm with wheel gaurd)
  Rim diameter   12"-22"
  Maximum wheel diameter   1,016mm (880mm with wheel guard)
  Data entry   2D SAPE
  Maximum wheel weight   65kg
  Power supply   230 V, 1 ph, 50 Hz


  • Membrane Touch Key.
  • Digital display with motorized balancer with safety hood.
  • 2D automatic input of distance & diameter.
  • Manual width entry.
  • HSP split weight mode.
  • Automatic brakingaftter measurement.
  • RPM/RPI virtual plane management.