Johnbean-Wheel Balancer-B300L

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Smart Digital Wheel Balancer with Laser Pin pointer

New B300 Wheel Balancer is unique in industry.

Key Features:

  1. Semi Automatic input of Distance and diameter and Automatic Entry of width throgh Sonar System.
  2. Weight Positioning: 12h or 5h Positions
  3. Easy Weight Program: pin Point Indicator exact positioning of adhesive weight. 
  4. Patented VPI/VPM technology ensures 1 gm Accuracy.
  5. Easy ALU: Semi-Automatic pre selection of balancing mode.
  6. Gauge Arm with Wheel Weight positioning system.
  7. 3 digit LED display.
  8. Optimization.
  9. Smart Sonar
  10. VpI technology.

Technical Specification Unit B300
Measuring Speed RPM 200
Balancing accuracy Gm 1
Angular resolution Degree 0.7
Measuring time Seconds 4.5
Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry    
Rim Diameter Inch 8-25
Rim Width Inch 3-15
Manual Entry    
Rim Diameter  Inch 8-32
Offset Inch 1-20
Rim Width Inch 1-20
Maximum wheel dimension    
Max. Wheel Diameter Mm 1050
Wheel width range Mm 76-508
Max. wheel weight Kg 70
Diameter of shaft Mm 40
Length of shaft Mm 225
Power supply V/ph/Hz 230V/1ph/50 Hz
Dimension (LXWXH) Mm 1313X868X1834
New Weight Kg 120

Benefits of B300L :

easyWeight :     

Pinpoint indicator light

  • The accurate, fast and easy solution to position adhesive weight on the wheel at 12h/5h position.       
  • The pinpoint light allows accurate positioning of the adhesive weight avoiding any misplacement. 
  • The bottom weight location is more convenient to reach for the user.
  •  It increases throughput at high accuracy.

Smart Sonar :   

  • 30% time saving compared to manual input.
  • No operator mistakes.
  • No cumbersome callipers


  • The balancer automatically recognises the weight mode, ALU-P or steel rim.
  •  The easyALU function reduces the set-up time of the wheel set