Johnbean-Wheel Balancer-B2000 Plus

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B2000 Plus

The diagnostic wheel balancer is for high-end tyre shops, car dealerships and garages

Key Features :

  1. High-Resolution laser cameras
  2. Strip of Light technology
  3. Optima Technology ™
  4. Run-Out Force Vectoring™ (RFV)
  5. VPI Technology
  6. Enhanced Productivity
  7. Touch Screen Interface
  8. User Friendly
  9. 3D imaging warns the operator on problems on the wheel.

Technical Specification :

  Data entry-  distance rim/machine   Automatic, non-contact 
  Data entry – wheel diameter   Automatic, non-contact
  Data entry – wheel width   Automatic, non-contact
  Balancing program selection   Automatic, non-contact profiling of the rim
  Spoke position detection   Automatic, non-contact profiling of the rim
  Wheel clamping   Automatic, with power clamp
 Wheel braking after measurement   Automatic
  Main shaft lock   Pedal, electromechanical
  Balancing position search   Automatic
  ALU modes   5 ALU + 2 ALUP
  Split weight mode   Automatic, non-touch spoke detection
  Radial / lateral run-out detection   Automatic, Stripe of Light or optima mode
  Run-out matching programm
  Imbalance optimisation program
  Rim diagnostics & balancing   Bead seat run-out
  Side-wall & tread diagnostics   Automatic, Stripe of Light mode
  Tyre pull measurement   Automatic, non-contact
  Tread depth measurement   Automatic, non-contact
  OptiLine   Optional
  ASA network   Needs optional network kit
  Self calibration
  On-line help


Most performing time-saving automatic cycle provided by

  • Optimal/3D imaging technology smart profile.
  • Advanced spoke detection.
  • Laser pointer.
  • Power clamp.
  • One-step optimization.

The B2000p measures wheel imbalance and performs the most complete wheel diagnositcsin a single pin.

It also detects wheel issue and supplies a clear report for merchandising.