Johnbean-Wheel Balancer-B100

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Patented VPM virtual Plane Management, Digital display with motorized balancer with safety hood

  • B100  Wheel Balancer is latest balancer from the house of Snapon with Quick ball Technology and 2D SAPE.

Key Features :

  1. Intuitive digital display.
  2. Automatic input of Distance/Diameter.
  3. Patented VPI technology ensures 1 gm Accuracy.
  4. Easy ALU: Semi-Automatic pre selection of balancing mode.
  5. Gauge Arm with Wheel Weight positioning system.
  6. Mechanical Shaft Lock.
  7. With Split weight, hidden weight program.
  8. Optimization program.

  Technical Specification Unit B100
  Measuring Speed RPM 100
  Balancing accuracy gm 1
  Angular resolution Degree 0.7
  Measuring time Seconds 4.5
  Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry       
  Rim Diameter Inch 8-25
  Rim Width Inch 3-15
  Manual Entry    
  Rim Diameter  Inch 8-32
  Offset Inch 1-20
  Rim Width Inch 1-20
  Maximum wheel dimension    
  Max. Wheel Diameter Mm 1050
  Wheel width range Mm 76-508
  Max. wheel weight Kg 70
  Diameter of shaft Mm 40
  Length of shaft Mm 225
  Power supply V/ph/Hz 230V/1ph/50 Hz
  Dimension (LXWXH) Mm 1313X868X1834
  New Weight Kg 70


  •  B100 is equipped with a semi-automatic data entry for rim diameter and offset.
  •  The operator takes the gauge arm to the desired weight position and B100 automatically stores those values for the calculation of the           imbalance. After the measuring run the operator is guided back inside the rim by the gauge arm

Split Weight Mode :    

  • Split weight mode for hidden adhesive weights can easily be accessed through the keypad
  • The tyre shop can offer an additional service to the customer by hiding adhesive weights behind two adjacent spokes so they                        cannot be seen from the outside.    

VPI Technology:

  • Virtual Plan imaging Technology pattended with snapon.