Johnbean-Wheel Aligner-i- Aligner platinium3

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i- Aligner platinium3

  • 3D Wheel Alignment with Automatic Camera Tracking Digismart System.

Key Features:

  1. Auto tracking movable camera - DigiSmartTM
  2. Pro42 PLATINUM software
  3. AC 400 touchless wheel clamp
  4. XD camera with xd targets
  5. Ride height measurement with tip targets
  6. Automatic caster sweep
  7. Advanced vehicle dimension
  8. Deluxe cabinet
  9. Wireless mobility (optional feature)

Alignement Software

Pro 42 Platinum3

Track Width

48’’ to 96’’

Wheel Base

79’’ to 180’’

Wheel diameter

19’’ to 39’’

Clamp Type

AC 400 - Touchless

Clamp Weight

3.2 Kg


Small XD Target

Type of Camera

XD Camera

No. of camera


Camera Beam



Deluxe Cabinet

  • DigiSmart technology: Allows the cameras to automatically track the   targets. The aligner is ready to provide readings at any lift height.
  • Pro 42 Platinum Software : Platinum3 Software is more user friendly which allows user to select all option from a single window.
  • Patented Digital Camera Tracking Automatically Adjusts to Vehicle Height.
  • Wireless Mobility: Easy relocations and exact placement of the system.
  • Ensures Accurate and reliable results every time.
  • Cross Diagonal: Identify frame or structural issues before aligment adjustments are made.
  • Rolling Radius: Identify mismatched tyre size- a potential cause of vehicle pulling and drive train damage.
  • Automatic Caster Sweep: System automatically detects when the steering wheel is turned and initiates the caster sweep function.
  • Automatic Camera: Automatic camera movement to detect target.