Johnbean-Wheel Aligner-i-Aligner Gold2

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i-Aligner Gold2

  • This product have XD camera with XD targets and 3D Animation (Graphics) to understand the information easily.

  • The new Johnbean i aligner Gold2 with XD Camera and XD Targets able to do the maesurement and adjustments procedures at various heights with its Unique feature VHCS.

Key Features :

  1. VHCS - Variable Height Camera System.
  2. Pro 42 Gold Software.
  3. AC 400 Touch less wheel Clamp.
  4. XD camera : Accurate and reliable.
  5. XD Targets :Small and impact resistant.
  6. TID: Ride Height Measurement ( Optional).
  7. Deluxe cabinet


Alignement Software                

   Pro 42 Gold                              

Track Width

   48’’ to 96’’

Wheel Base

   79’’ to 180’’

Wheel diameter

   19’’ to 39’’

Clamp Type

AC 400 - Touchless

Clamp Weight

3.2 Kg


Small XD Target

Type of Camera

XD Camera

No. of camera


Camera Beam



Deluxe Cabinet

  • VHCS : Its easy to adjust the height of camera beam Manually to do the important Measurement and adjustment procedures.
  • Pro 42 Gold Software : Gold2 Software is more user friendly which allows user to select all option from a single window.
  • AC 400 Touchless wheel clamps with XD Targets
  • Ensures Accurate and reliable results every time. 
  • Advanced vehicle dimension measurement.
  • Rolling Radius: Identify mismatched tyre size, which is a potential cause of vechicle pulling and drive train damage.
  • Automatic Caster Sweep: System automatically detects when the streeing wheel is turned and initiates the caster sweep  function.
  • EZ-Toe* : Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings,