Johnbean-Two Post Lift-EELR703

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Powerful Safe and Durable Two Post Lift - Symmetrical Type

Electro hydraulic free floor symmetric Type.

Capacity 3.5tons.
- Adjustable lifting pad to reach low pick up point.
- Safety features:
Mechanical lock at both column,
dual function overhead shut off switch. Arm lock 25mm teeth design

Lifting Capacity (Ton) 3.5 tons
Lifting Height (mm) 1814
Inside Column width (mm)  2790
Lifting Time (Secs) 59
Decent Time (Secs) 48
Front Arm Reach (mm) 781 - 1142
Rear Arm Reach (mm) 781 - 1142
Safety Top shut down limit switch, arm locking, slotted mechanical lock and emergency stop switch
Drive Through Clearance (mm) 2541
Ceiling Height  (mm) 3596
Motor Power (kW) 2.2
Power Supply Requirement 380VAC, 3 Ph, 50 Hz.
Any Other special Feature Specially engineered sliding blocks are extremely strong and resistant to wear - reducing maintenance cost

  • Dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders:   Ensures smooth operations with maximum lifting force.
  • Dual function overhead shut-off:  This protects taller vehicles from being damaged and also protects the lift from over-pressure damaged.
  • Symmetrical arm design(2-stage):  Allows bi-direction drive in operation.
  • Emergency stop watch:  Emergency stop key lock to limit use of lift for safe operations.
  • Power packs configurations to suit your requirements
  • Arm restraint: Designed to be safe and long lasting.