Johnbean-Scissors Lift-EELRIN534AC3

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  • Scissors on Scissors Lift with 3.5 ton capacity for primary and secondary platform.

Key Features : 

  1. Capacity of 3.5 Ton for primary and secondary platform.
  2. Primary Platform Lifting height 1862 mm & Secondary platform lifting height 456 mm.
  3. Secondary platform design eliminates the requirement for additional roller jack and also has a clear unobstructed working area between the platform.
  4. Compact and space saving design without columns.
  5. Dual Engagement twin interlocking mechanical safety lock with pneumatic release (from 430 mm)


Technical Specification :

Capacity  3.5 Ton
Installation Recommendation Flush Mount
Minimum Height (Primary) 330 mm
Maximum Height (Primary) 1860 mm
Runway Length 4000 mm
Platform Width 620 mm
Overall Width 2160 mm
Rear Slip Plate Length 1517 mm
Maximum Wheel Base 3280 mm
Maximum Length (Surface Mount with ramp) NIL
Maximum Length (Flush mount) 4300 mm
Maximum Front turn table length 476 mm
Plate Length 1400 mm
Plate width/Lifting Width 550 mm
Lifting Height 0-456 mm


Tyre Shop benefits : 

  • No Jack Requires which makes your shop more Managed and spacious.
  • No Additional Roller Jack require which saves additional cost.
  •  Stand UP Comfort during alignment adjustment.
  •  All Wheel Off adjustments can be done.
  •  Secure all safety Measures.
  •  Fast Wheel Rotation and wheel Balancing which gives you more time to attain more customer.
  • All work can be done at a single Bay.
  •  reduce fatigue in operators, increasing levels of production