Johnbean-Scissors Lift-EELR598A

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  • The John Bean 3.5T double scissors lioft is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

  • Its low profile design allows for easy drive over and can be set up as a flush mount or surface mount configuration.

Key Features:

  1. Low profile drive over height of 115mm.
  2. Single point pneumatic lock release system with multi step locking positions ( 15 level lock positions).
  3. Open front and rear with no cross member for maximum accessilility.
  4. Dual hydraulic synchronization system.
  5. Non-slip textured lifting pad surface.
  6. Surface mount or flush mount configurations are available.
  7. Extendable lifting pad from 1,480 mm to 2,140 mm to accommodate longer wheel vechicle.
  8. For best performance and maximum versatility to service the widest range of vechicles. All surface mount installed lifts should be installed with platforms at 736 mm and an optional kit.
  9. Optional kit includes long drive over ramps for low clearence vechicles;height 4",over all length including EELR598A lift 164", outriggers for increased drive over for wde vechicles and additional SOE - V975074 connectable rubber blocks.

Technical Specification:

  Max Capacity at 7" Net Rise   3500 kg   7.700 lbs
  Rise Height   1.790 mm[73"]   1.905 mm[75"]
  Overall Length [Lowerwed]   1.868 mm[73"]  
  OveralllLength [Raised]   2.140 mm[84"]  
  Overall Width     1.835 [72"] -2.038 [80"]
  Platform Length   1.480 [58"]  
  Platform Width   651 mm [25"]  
  Width Between platforms   533 mm [21"] -736 mm [29"]  
  Ramp Length   330 mm [13"]  
  Lowered Heights     115 mm [4"]
  Voltage, Phase, hertz   380/415v50/60 Hz 3 ph  
  Air Supply Required   90-120 psi  
  Speed of Rise   380-415V 50/60 Hz, 3P   45/53 seconds