Hofmann-Wheel Balancer-geodyna 9000p

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geodyna 9000p

  •  The wheel balancer with Touchscreen and 5 high resolution laser cameras.

  1. The graphical user interface: In combination with touch screen, offers an easy menu guidance, a clear overview of information and quicker operation
  2. Stripe of Light and Optima Technology: Five high-resolution cameras study the tyre and rim and detect all the wheel dat, a new unique technology.
  3. Power Clamp: The wheel is precisely clamped with this patented electronic clamping device an essential prerequisite for perfect measurement results.

Key Features:


  1. Cameras: Five high-resolution laser cameras, one of which is displace-able with 3D laser stripes so that all data can be detected quickly and accurately.
  2. Power Clamp Device: The electro-mechanical Power Clamp Device always clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, which is most important for the balancing operation.

 Technical specification   geodyna 9000p
 Max. Wheel width   20" (508mm)
 Max. wheel diameter   37" (950mm)
 Max. wheel weight   70Kg
 Power supply(V)   230 Volt,single phase, 50Hz
 Dimension W*D*H   1450 mm*990mm*1710mm
 Machine weight   210Kg
 Rim diameter (auto./man.)   15"-30"/8"-30"
 Rim width (dynamic balancing)   3"-20"
 Diameter of shaft   1.57" (40 mm)
 Measuring speed   200 rpm
 Balancing accuracy   00.35 oz (1Kg)
 Scanner accuracy   0.039" (0.1 mm)