Hofmann-Wheel Aligner-i-geoliner gold2

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i-geoliner gold2

  • i Aligner Technology with computer controlled camera moving beam system. 

  • The new Hofmann i-geoliner® Gold2 wheel aligner will help to make garage technicians alignment experts.

    Key Features of i Aligner Gold2 :
  1. VHCS - Variable Height Camera System ( Allows infinite positions from floor to full overhead )
  2. Pro 42 Gold Software.
  3. AC 400 quick Clamp.
  4. XD camera - Accurate and reliable.
  5. XD Targets - Small and impact resistant.
  6. TID - Ride Height Measurement (Optional).
  7. Deluxe cabinet.
  8. Suitable with wheel aligment scissors lift to conduct aligments at diferent heights.
  9. V.O.D.I.TM (Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator).

Alignement Software                

   Pro 42 Gold                              

Track Width

   48’’ to 96’’

Wheel Base

   79’’ to 180’’

Wheel diameter

   19’’ to 39’’

Clamp Type

AC 400 - Touchless

Clamp Weight

3.2 Kg


Small XD Target

Type of Camera

XD Camera

No. of camera


Camera Beam



Deluxe Cabinet

  • The i-geoliner Gold2 is available with AC400 quick clamps.
  • VHCS: Allows infinite positions from floor to full overhead.
  • V.O.D.I.TM (Vechicle Orientation Directional Indicator)
  • Set up to initial reading in 2 minutes, increase productivity at wheel aligment bay.
  • 3D Animation: The information of vehicle is easy to understand using 3D Graphics.
  • Advance Vehicle Dimension : Identify frame or structural issues before aligment adjustments are made.
  • Ride Height(Optional).