Hofmann-Wheel Aligner-i-geoliner Platnium3

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i-geoliner Platnium3

  • Wireless system provides flexible installation, usage and mobility options.
  • Pattended digital camera tracking automatically adjusts to the height of the vehicle.

  • i - geoliner Platinum3 is latest innovation from House of Snapon.
  • DigiSmart technology makes it Faster , accurate and reliable wheel aligner in industry.

Key Features of i geoliner platinum3 :

  1. Digi Smart Technology
  2. Pro 42 Platinum Software
  3. AC 400 wheel Clamp
  4. Automatic caster sweep
  5. Mobility Options - High Productivity
  6. XD camera - Accurate and reliable
  7. XD Targets - Small and impact resistant
  8. TID - Ride Height Measurement
  9. Deluxe cabinet
  10. Rolling Radius
  11. EZ-Toe

Alignement Software

Pro 42 Platinum3

Track Width

48’’ to 96’’

Wheel Base

79’’ to 180’’

Wheel diameter

19’’ to 39’’

Clamp Type

AC 400 - Touchless

Clamp Weight

3.2 Kg


Small XD Target

Type of Camera

XD Camera

No. of camera


Camera Beam



Deluxe Cabinet

DigiSmart technology

Allows the cameras to automatically track the   targets. The aligner is ready to provide readings at any lift height.

Pro 42 Platinum Software 

Platinum3 Software is more user friendly which allows user to select all option from a single window.

AC 400 Touchless wheel clamps with XD Targets

Ensures Accurate and reliable results every time.

Mobility options 

Ride Height Targets