Hofmann-Wheel Aligner-Geoliner 630

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Geoliner 630

Imaging Wheel Aligner

  •  New generation optimized, small and powerful
  •  HD camera with V.O.D.I.™
  •  Newly desgined deluxe kiosk
  •  Vehicle dimention for prealignment/diagnostic check
  •  22” flat screen 1080p monitor

Key features:

  1. camera system: 2 HD cameras, 5.1mega pixels.
  2. Mini PC system
  3. Monitor: 22"flat screen with 1080p resolution
  4. Track width 48" to 96"
  5. Wheel Base: 79" to 180"
  6. wheel clamp and target type: Self centering clamp (AC100) with 8" X 8" targets
  7. Rim size: 11" to 22" 
  8. Vehicle specifications: 30+ years


With standard accessories

  • Steering lock
  • Brake pedal depressor
  • Two wheel chocks
  • Paddle roll back kit
  • Premium Turn table

  • Camera fixed beam with VODI (vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator).
  • New generation proprietary software user interface delivers sophistication in a compact footprint.
  • Clear and comprehensive vehicle database selections with quick model search function.
  • Improved EZ toe features eliminates chasing toe adjustment even without using a steering wheel holder
  • Multiple print reeports avaliable to suit your customer's needs
  • Vehicle dimenstion for pre alignment/diagnostic check