Bluepoint-Testing / Electronics-TT12KT

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  • Terminal Tool Kit.

  • Applications include most GM and other domestic computer connectors and terminals. Individual handles for easy assess in tight places Designed for weather pack and pack-con terminals with flat blade to open connectors and fork for ALDL connectors to access trouble codes.Color coded: Red handle for GM and Green for wire terminal tools. Includes storage case.
  • Kit includes these GM C3 System Terminal Tools (red handle):
Tube, Spring Loaded, 3.3mm x 28mm
Square Blade, 1.4 x 19.00mm
Flat Blade, 1.5 x 24.75mm
Flat Blade, 2.0 x 23.00mm
Fork Blade, 8.0 x 24.00mm
Flat Blade Screwdriver, 3/16" x 1.00"
  • Kit includes these Wire Terminal Tools (green handle):
Tube, 3.30 x 28.0mm
Tube, 4.30 x 13.0mm
Tube, 3.75 x 13.0mm
Tube, 3.00 x 13.0mm
Flat Twin Blade, 3.0mm
Flat Twin Blade, 1.6mm