Bluepoint-Testing / Electronics-BKB6500

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• 4.3" TFT LCD Display with a native resolution of 480 RGB X 240

• Digital camera technology provides superior imagery under all light conditions compared to analog cameras

• Dual view Imager allows the user to see forward or 90° to the side with one touch

• Easy to use touch screen interface

• File naming for convenient file management

• Text annotation aids in documentation

• Coil cord imager handle allows for greater maneuverability while the base stays at a comfortable viewing position

• Low optical distortion provides superior image quality

• Capture still images at 640 X 480 resolution

• Capture video at a rate of 20 fps (frames per second)

• 2X digital zoom

• Excellent near-field focus (0.5" to 12")

• Imaging head made of robust aluminium

• Resistant to common automotive and industrial chemicals

• Super Bright LED

• 8.5mm outside diameter fits in most spark plug holes

• Built in microphone and speaker for recording comments and sounds

• 36" long imager is coated with a non conductive covering for protection of surfaces and safety

• Mini-USB connector for uploading images and video to a computer

• Analog video out to a larger format screen or recording device

• Rubber over-mold on all contact/gripping areas for added ergonomics and durability

• Integrated rubberized magnets secure unit to metal surfaces

• External microSD Card access

• External mini-USB access

• Integrated three position stand for added convenience

• Rechargeable internal Lithium-ion battery

• D/C plug allows the unit to be used while battery is being charged