Bluepoint- Welding-WE200A

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  • Standard Duty Welding Kit.

  • Use for auto repair, construction, fabrication, manufacturing and maintenance
  • Cuts up to 1" and welds up to 1/8"
  • Cuts up to 4" and welds up to 1/2" with optional tips
  • Durable and strong forged brass regulator
  • Regulator diameter 2 1/4" allows precise control of gas
  • Internal lter keeps particles from entering regulator
  • PTFE Teon seat ensures positive sealing
  • Handle shut-o valve color coding provide ease in identifying the corresponding gas control
  • Two piece cutting tip allow easy cleaning
  • High quality hose oers reduced tear resistance and increased exibility

Technical Specification:

HRC1401340 85 Weld Handle with Chheck Valves
HRC1300380 712-3 Cut Attach
HRC91000614 D-85 Weld Mixer
HRC4300557 3/16*20 Twin Hose
HRC4304482 Cover Goggle
HRC9004486 Striker
WE200A1 Oxygen Regulator
WE200A2 Acetylene Regulator
HRC1502172 6290-1 #1 Ac Cut Tip
HRC1600890 23-A-90-5 #5 Weld Tip
HRC1600870 223-A-90-3 #3 Weld Tip
HRC1600850 23-A-90-1 #1 Weld Tip


HRC1800710 J-63-1 Heating Assembly
HRC1600840 23-A-90-0 #0 Weld Tip
HRC1600860 23-A-90-2 #2 Weld Tip
HRC1600880 23-A-90-4 #4 Weld Tip
HRC1502170 6290-00AC #00Ac Cut Tip
HRC1502171 6290-0AC #0AC Cut Tip
HRC1502173 6290-2AC #2AC Cut Tip
HRC1502174 6290-3AC #3AC Cut Tip
HRC4301650 88-5FBT PR. Torch Flash Arrestor
HRC9000160 E-9 Tip Cleaner (2 pc tip)
HRC9004484 Replacement Flints