Bahco-Bandsaw Blades-3881 Carbide Multi Set THS

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3881 Carbide Multi Set THS

Carbide Multi Set THS

  • The Bahco carbide blade with multi-chip design for difficult to cut material
  • Multi-chip design with 6 tooth pattern and 2 set levels, 3881 quad grind and set pattern improves chip removal, extends blade life
  • Exact same blade as THQ, but THS is a pre run in blade using a patented method eliminating run in
  • Reduces vibration and has extremely low noise levels, eliminating vibration in the first cut
  • THS performs extremely well cutting stainless steel, high nickel chrome alloys, aerospace alloys and abrasive tool steel
  • Quad grind enables cutting of scaled surfaces, tooth chamfers improve the chip removal and extend blade life
  • Reduces tooth strippage on breakthrough
  • Set tooth design eliminates vibration and noise especially on unstable machines or vertical machines
  • THS is primarily for stainless steel
  • High low teething
  • Wide set as standard

Technical specification:

Product Code Width Thickness TPI Profile
3881-100-1.6-THS-.7/1  100 mm 1,6 mm .7/1 THS
3881-67-1.6-THS-1.4/2  67 mm 1.6 mm 1.4/2 THS
3881-54-1.6-THS-1.4/2  54 mm 1.6 mm 1.4/2 THS
3881-80-1.6-THS-1.4/2  80 mm 1.6 mm 1.4/2 THS
3881-41-1.3-THS-1.4/2  41 mm 1.3 mm 1.4/2 THS
3881-67-1.6-THS-2/3  67 mm 1.6 mm 3/2 THS
3881-67-1.6-THS-1/1.25  67 mm 1.6 mm 1/1.25 THS
3881-80-1.6-THS-2/3  80 mm 1.6 mm 3/2 THS
3881-54-1.6-THS-1/1.25  54 mm 1.6 mm 1/1.25 THS
3881-80-1.6-THS-.7/1  80 mm 1.6 mm .7/1 THS